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Ben Kamili

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1563€ / mois sur 2 ans 

Paradise Flowers

110 cm de diamètre
Huile sur toile

Presentation de l'artiste

Ben Kamili is a true nature lover. Time and again, the 1969 born in Macedonia plein air painters goes on artistic journeys to capture the concentrated beauty of the landscape. Whether in Germany, Italy or Macedonia, his drive is the constant search for touching motifs, ranging from flowering meadows and fields, over cloud formations and waters to architecture in the landscape.

His sensually expressive compositions are based on a profound comprehension of symbols. At school, his drawings and watercolors were exhibited, and at the age of 18 he participated for the first time in a group exhibition in KP Tetove. After moving to the German capital in 1996, he studied materials science at the Technical University of Berlin. In addition, he studied from 1998 to 2004 painting with Prof. Klaus Fußmann at the Berlin University of the Arts (since 2001: University of the Arts). Since then, the artist has presented his characteristic landscape motifs in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Kamili's pictures captivate with their opulent color application. Relief-like, the canvases get rid of their two-dimensionality, almost the thick color layers seem to lead a life of their own. Thus, the decision for a motif is always accompanied by a strategic work process: the transport of countless paint cans and the positioning of the easel are accompanied by painting in the open air. That's just one of the many criteria that characterize Kamili as an artist and make his work special. But especially through his keen sense for colors and his trained painter's eye, he manages to create vivid images of different landscape scenes and to capture the overwhelming elegance of nature on the canvas.

Presentation de l'oeuvre

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Son parcours

2019 March: The Arabian House of Culture - The Divan, Berlin
2019 March: Studio Q, Berlin
2019 February: Korea Galleries Art Fair 2019, COEX, Seoul
2019 February: Gallery Felice, Seoul
2019 Gallery Hovestadt, Nottuln
2018 Gallery Pfundt, Berlin
2018 Art and
2018 Karlsruhe Art Exhibition
2018 Galerie Bengelsträter, Iserlohn, Small Format
2018 Kunstverein Laubach
2018 Detlefsen Museum, Glückstadt
2018 Wenzel Hablik Museum, Itzehoe
2018 Müller Gallery, Würzburg
2017 IWS Albania, Masters of Watercolor 2, Elite November 2017, Palace of Congresses Tirana
2017 Gallery Bengelsträter, Dusseldorf and Iserlohn
2017 Museum Würth, Künzelsau
2017 Galerie Müller, Würzburg
2017 Kunsthalle Willingshausen
2017 Museum Wrangelschlössschen, Berlin
2017 Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Purrmann
2017 2nd International Watercolor Biennial, Tirana Albania
2017 March Elbe Dessau
2017 January Elbe Magdeburg
2016 Group exhibition at the Paul Ernst Wilke Haus, Bremerhaven
2016 EEZ Altmark Gallery, Dresden
2016 Klinghammer Gallery, Cologne
2016 Istanbul Art Fair, Purrmann Gallery
2016 Art Sylt, Kunsthaus ARTES
2016 Elbe Barlach Museum Wedel, Hamburg ARTES Art Gallery
2016 July Museum Detlefsen, Glückstadt
2016 May / June EEZ Elbe, Scharnebeck
2016 April Gallery Müller, Würzburg
2016 April EEZ Elbe, Hamburg
2016 Art Karlsruhe, Gallery Purrmann
2016 Gallery of the Bulgarian Institute, Berlin
2015 Lempertz Auction, Cologne
2015 Art Fair Sylt, Art Sylt, Art House ARTES
2015 Istanbul Contemporary Art Fair (Turkey)
2015 Galerie Reinshagen , Bad Oeynhausen
2015 Gallery Ahlert and Friends, Butzbach
2015 Atelier Kürfürstenstraße 5, Potsdam
2015 Atelier Jonny Star, Join the Inner Circle, Berlin
2015 Art Fair Cologne, Galerie Purrmann
2015 One-Man Show Art, Galerie Purrmann, Karlsruhe
2015 Open Studio Dortu 46, Potsdam
2014 Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin
2014 Museum Schloss Wolfshagen, Prignitz
2014 Small Orangery, Catalog,
2014 Klinghammer Gallery, Cologne
2014 Bunker Group Exhibition, Hagen
2014 Artist Festival in Noordwijk (Netherlands)
2014 GAD Gallery, Berlin
2013 Artist Festival in Noordwijk (Netherlands)
2013 Group exhibition at Haus Ruhreck, Hagen
2013 Gallery Müller, Würzburg
2013 Charity
Art auction for Placet eV 2012 Art Fair, Berlin
2012 Art Fair Art, Karlsruhe
2012 Art Fair Art Fair, Cologne
2012 Art Festival Noordwijk (Netherlands)
2012 Haus Ruhreck, Hagen
2012 Galerie Mörchen, Hamburg
2012 Galerie Conzen, Düsseldorf
2012 Gallery Arthus, Zell a. Harmersbach
2012 Gallery Klinghammer, Cologne
2012 Gallery Art Fayence, Mainz
2011 Competition "The New Berlin" in the Red City Hall, Berlin
2011 Villa Irmgard Museum, Usedom
2011 Oberhessisches Museum, Gießen
2011 Museum Gutshaus Steglitz
2011 March: Büchergilde Gutenberg, Berlin
2011 Kunstkammer Gartow / Elbe
2011 Art Festival Noordwijk (Netherlands)
2011 Kommunale Galerie, Berlin
2011 January: Vernissage Atelier Wilke, Bremerhaven
2011 Galerie Unteres Schloss, Pähl
2011 Galerie Steinrötter, Münster
2011 Galerie Rose, Hamburg
2011 Galerie Realisme 21, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2011 Gallery Müller, Würzburg
2011 Gallery Arthus, Zell aH
2011 February: Finissage Atelier Wilke, Bremerhaven
2011 Gallery Arthus, Cologne
2010 Museum Mayenburg
2010 Art Fair Amsterdam (Netherlands)
2010 Art Festival Noordwijk (Netherlands)
2010 Gallery Lower Castle, Pähl
2010 Gallery Müller, Würzburg
2010 Gallery Art Mayence, Mainz
2010 One Hundred Exhibitions, PCB / Southeast, Berlin
2009 Museum Gutshaus Steglitz
2009 Art Festival Noordwijk (Netherlands)
2009 Magnificat Gallery, Berlin
2009 Art Mayence Gallery, Mainz
2008 PCB Gallery, Berlin
2008 Painters Festival Noordwijk (Netherlands)
2008 Galerie Steinrötter, Münster
2007 October: National Gallery Skopje (Macedonia)
2007 October: Gallery PCB, Berlin
2007 National Gallery Prishtina (Kosovo)
2007 June: Symposium Noordwijk (Netherlands)

2007 July: Town Hall Rijnsburg (Netherlands)
2007 Gallery Steinrötter, Münster
2007 August - September: Museum Katwijk (Netherlands)
2006 June - August: Village Gallery Frank Suplie, Great Dölln
2006 Gallery Rose, Hamburg
2005 September: Gallery Rodolfo, Berlin
2005 November - January 2006: Gallery Rose, Hamburg
2005 March: Gallery Rodolfo, Berlin
2005 May: Museum "Villa Irmgard", Heringsdorf
2005 June - July: Gallery Rose, Hamburg
2005 June - August: Museum Miltenberg
2005 July - August: Municipal Gallery Berlin
2005 December: Gallery Gold, Berlin
2005 December - January 2006: International Biennale of Drawing in Tetovo (Macedonia)
2005 December - January 2006: Galerie Prima-Center, Berlin
2004 Prishtina (Nationalgalerie)
2004 October: Gallery of the Ministry of Culture
2004 November: Galerie Pfund, Berlin
2004 March: Galeria e Arteve e Kosovo
2004 International Biennale of Drawing
2004 February: Galerie Pfundt, Berlin
2004 "Qafa", Prishtina (Kosovo)
2003 Prishtina (Nationalgalerie)
2003 May: Exhibition for Klaus Fußmann
2003 June: Galeria e Arteve e Kosovo,
2003 July: Tour of the University of the Arts, Berlin
2003 July - September: Galerie Pfundt, Berlin
2003 Gallery at the Savignyplatz, Berlin
2003 December - January 2004, Dezembersalon, 2010 Galerie Taube, Berlin
2002 September: Galerie Pfundt, Berlin
2002 October: Kaiserslautern (catalog)
2002 November, Stadtsparkasse Kaiserslautern
2002 July: Tour of the University of the Arts, Berlin
2002 December: Gallery Pfundt, Berlin
2002 December - January 2003: December salon group exhibition, Berlin
2001 November - December Gallery "Südost", Berlin
2001 July: Tour of the University of the Arts, Berlin
2001 Dezembersalon Group Exhibition
2001 December - January 2002: Galerie Taube,
2001 April - June: "Haar & amp; Art ", Berlin
2000 October - December: Galerie U. Schmidt, Lüdenscheid
2000 July: Tour of the University of the Arts, Berlin
2000 December exhibition group exhibition
2000 December - 2001 January: Galerie Taube
1999 September - October: Galerie Meyer, class Fußmann, Lüneburg
1999 October: Landgrafen-Saal, Bad Karlshafen (300th anniversary)
1999 August: "Long Night of the Museums", Catacombs / Alt- Moabit, Berlin
1999 23rd - 25th July: Tour of the University of the Arts, Berlin 1999 August - October: "Hair and Art", Berlin
1999 May - June: Kleist-Theater / Gallery B Kunstverein, Frankfurt / Oder
1998 July: Tour of the University of the Arts, Berlin
1997 October: "Haar und Kunst", Berlin
1997 October: "Anemone", Cologne
1997 June - August: Rathaus Bad Karlshafen
1997 October: Galerie Fink, Düsseldorf
1997 Exhibition in the Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg, Berlin
1996 Exhibition in Nachbarschaftsheim Schöneberg, Berlin
1995 Exhibition in the Albanian Cultural Association "B. Curri ", Berlin
1994 Group exhibition at the" B. Franklin ", Berlin
1993 Exhibition in the parish house of the Petruskirche, Berlin
1992 Exhibition in the Albanian cultural association B. Curri", Berlin
1988 Group exhibition in "KP" Tetovo (Macedonia)
1987 Group exhibition in "KP" Tetovo (Macedonia)


Permanent exhibits in the following galleries:
Gallery Conzen, Düsseldorf
Gallery Klinghammer, Cologne
Gallery Müller, Würzburg
Gallery Anne Mörchen, Hamburg
Art House ARTES, Hannover
Gallery Purrmann, Nettetal
Gallery Bengelsträter, Düsseldorf and Iserlohn
Gallery Hovestadt, Nottuln
Gallery Steinrötter, Münster

Pictures in various collections (selection):
Collection Carmen Würth Collection of the
Upper Hessian Museum Giessen
Collection of the Altemeier
Collection Schluess
Collection Wulf
Buchholz Collection
Kunsthalle Willingshausen - Malerstübchen
Museum Detlefsen, Glückstadt
National Gallery Tirana