Henna Kouhia

Golden Mist

Acrylique sur toile

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Henna Riikka Kouhia was born in Lappeenranta, South-Karelia, Finland in 1994. Having grown up next to a lake Saimaa and beautiful nature of Finland. Henna graduated from primary school 2011, and now is studying marketing and customer service and will graduated there first of November 2019.  She gave birth to his son when she was 20-years old and have been single mother. She has worked in a few shops earlier and a cleaner in a hospital and nursery school at Lappeenranta. She took an acrylic painting course year 2019. .

Henna is always been interested about art, painting, writing and how everyone sees and feel the world. She have been painting four years now and it is her way to breathe and take out all the feelings. Give them to the canvas. One the biggest dream of her is that she can reach every kind of human beyond the world, and give them believe, hope and good feeling about life through her paintings.

She paint on her kitchen table or on the floor. Bottom there is some newspaper or somekind of protection so every place wouldn’t been coloured. Her favourite painting tecnic is done by spatula and foam. She is self-learned artist, and give all of herself to the paintings. There isn’t even a day left when she isn’t painting. You can see more of her paintings on facebook  and instagram @atelieriikka.