May Khen

Radical Faith

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A propos de l'artiste

May Khen is a 27-year-old  autodidact painter and artist from Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Her unique paintings are always colourful and have a significant presence in every space they are in. They are created in an emotional and intuitive process that May documenting throughout videos which are highly popular on social media.
The intense and dramatic colours in which she uses for her paintings courageously express her emotional, deep and rich world.

A wide spectrum of emotions and colours mix together into an impressive and bold work of art just like her personality.

Pain, anger, sorrow and confusion on the one hand, and joy, satisfaction, calmness and bravery on the other, all live together in her work of arts and create peace in her rich inner world.

May chooses to continue the dance of life: with emotions, intensity and colour; Lots of colours.


August 2019 - exhibition in Raanana, Israel
October 2019 - exhibition in Paris
October 2019 - exhibition in San Diego, California
November 2019 - exhibition In Miami, Florida
April 2020 - exhibition in New York