Mohammad Bannissi

feutre sur papier glacé

A propos de l'artiste

In very first years of his childhood before his school , his disabilities was gradually revealed ,then he was restricted by specialized on verbal and behavior therapy courses. He was infected to Meningitis when he was 6 , but rescued miraculously by the doctor`s efforts. Since the experts determined his special status ,he was forbidden to enter a normal school , and started his study in exceptional schools. He had a heart operation when he was 7 , and a few months later he got hospitalization because of Lung obstructions. Having rotation in spinal column in age 14 , Mohammad had been operated two times continual and forced to be confined in hospital for a long periods. Mohammad was graduated from the third year of middle school and after a while he started his artistic activities with his parent`s encouragements and their immense supports . He began his professional artistic life from 1388 , showing his weird world and inherent talent casted in his special paintings. Keeping up his activities Mohammad is being instructed these days in courses such as Painting , Sculpture , and Piano.

Son Parours


Painting fairs and Galleries executed


2010 – October      Individual Gallery - Mehrin Gallery

2012 – March      Individual Gallery - Vredens Kultur Center- Denmark , Copenhagen

2012 – December   Collective gallery ( Selected in" Intellectual action 2" competition ) -Mah e Mehr Gallery

2013 – April      Collective Gallery - Artist's House

2013 –August     Individual Gallery - Sin Gallery

2014 – February   Galerie Gondwana (Selected in "Intellectual Action 2" competition) - Germany, Berlin

2014 – October     Collective Gallery - SaadAbad Palace contemporary Museum

2015 – June     Individual Gallery – “ Dastan” Gallery

2016 – May    Collective Gallery and Sculptures Fair – “ 26 Gallery”

2016 – July     Collective Gallery ( Art in Autism ) –Niyavaran community center

2016 – October    Collective Gallery ( Outsider Art ) – “ Haan Gallery “ – Shiraz

2016 – December    Collective Gallery ( the 4th Outsider Art fair ) – “ V-Café “ Gallery- Tehran

2018-JULY   Collective gallery (Outsider Art) – Galleryguide-me - /Beirut- Lebanon

2018- October    Double gallery _ Shamideh Art Gallery

2018- December    Individual Gallery (Outsider Art)Out Gallery Sider /INN

2109-May –Jun    Individual Gallery –Gallery Hamer / Amsterdam –The Netherlands

2019 – June     Teer Art Fair Galleries /Tehran - IRAN

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