Raisa Ambros


acrylique sur toîle

Presentation de l'oeuvre

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A propos de l'oeuvre

Raisa Ambros is an artist from London.

The master work represents an abstract face – one which in reality has already been destroyed.

This artwork therefore becomes a symbol for all those women who have found themselves literally and metaphorically defaced after undergoing aesthetic surgery: And perhaps it should be present as an artwork of awareness in every clinic.

When seen from a distance, it’s the beauty inside the head of each woman before her operation. And on another level, the beauty she obtains with make-up. But in reality, seen closer, we discover that the forms are irregular, and the lines imperfect: In a word, Defaced…

So for all women, and especially younger ones, the message is always: “Love yourself as you are! Find the beauty inside. Because it is already yours.”

Presentation de l'artiste

Raisa Ambros is an artist and journalist based in London. She has a special passion for colour, which she mixes in an original way to create her captivating abstracts. 

 Energy is in perpetual flow throughout her artwork, making the forms and shapes on the canvas fluid and vibrant. 

Her abstracts are rich in details, which playfully open up to an infinite number of interpretations. 

After a long period she dedicated to the pursuit of truth through journalism, Raisa re-discovered the joy of painting through art therapy, which she now also practices. 

Being deeply sympathetic to chromatic vibration across the spectrum, her vivid artworks are highly therapeutic and full of pure energy.

In between endlessly pursuing new and exciting techniques of colour application, she is also available for commission and consultation.