huile avec feuille d'or sur toile
80 x 80cm


huile sur toile
80 x 80cm

Jessica Dunn is a British artist living in Portugal.

She studied Art Foundation at Kingston Polytechnic before moving with her family to the Algarve to paint and enjoy the wonderful Southern sunlight.

Her recent acrylic and oil paintings focus on the abstract landscape.

Her latest work has transitioned from the figurative, to an abstract impression of land, sea and sky, influenced by the elements, intense sunlight and the drama of the landscape, which is constantly shifting and changing. She aims to capture an impression of its transient nature 
 “For me it´s about the paint and the expressive marks created, which gradually evolve into something familiar, an imagined or remembered landscape, or just a feeling. The visual experience becomes an emotive one, an illusion of being immersed in nature, reflective and timeless, of walking into a painting and feeling lifted.”

 Jessica Dunn has exhibited in various public museums and galleries throughout Portugal, the UK and Italy. 

She regularly hosts “Open Door” exhibitions at her studio in the Algarve. 

A selection of her paintings has been reproduced as a range of jewelry, scarves and fabrics and are available online and at her studio.

Works featured in the Wall Street Journal online, Hello Magazine and World of Interiors.